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The business pages are born out of the need to serve your websites. Nevertheless, with the sites like mine they never have high priority. Here is what I had lean and you need to learn. And the links I want to make work.

Web, Internet and simply Business.

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How to Make Web Work for you?

Your time is your investment

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You made your webpage and soon you are about to discover that you're in BUSINESS. Especially, if you get good traffic. 100 or so hits/day. You might completely ignore the money game, or you can play it.

Do you see the banners? They came with the free webspace (that's how Tripod makes money). I and you had to tolerate it. Now, if the site has at least 100 daily impressions, Tripod pays you (50 cents for 1000). You have 1000/day -- a dollar. Interesting.

Of course, it's not "real" money (you understand what would it take for me to have 10.000/day!), but the goal I set -- make the webpages pay for themselves! not even for my time, simply for all those little things I have to buy for computing and webbing. But what if I want to be paid?

Oh, this is another story, my friend! And I mean it.

Do you really want to make it a BUSINESS?

So, what is your product?

Do you understand it?

Year or so ago, I began to place the affiliate (paid) links on my pages; mostly the companies I myself wouldn't mind to check out and buy from. Amazon, for example (see Books directories and pages). Well, once in a while you can make a few bucks. Don't hold your breath. You still selling somebody's products. You PRODUCE "leads" for them, that's all. But how did you get them?

Because of your subject/expertise -- people come to your pages for content (even when it is in form of service). The industry calls them "end-product users"... How do you use them, your users?

Wait a minute! I said to myself. I learned HTML to do the webmaster's jobs, now what -- do I have to learn marketing? Promotion? Write my business plan?

All right, since Tripod gave me 50MG of free space (a jump from original 10MG), I can make a few pages about Losers in cyber-business (like me) -- you can read about the winners in popular press. Do you see right-hand table of contents? Go there!

Each new stage in web development asks for more pages. I make this page to remember all the affiliate programs I have on my sites.

[ I do not add any "business" links now, because too many went out of busness, leaving my pages with the dead links. ]

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