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According to my own poll, people do buy books online. And I write.

I write and publish myself with one click!

This is what they call "web-publishing"?

Is it "real" publishing?

It depends on traffic, on how many people read you.

Well, well, there are many interesting aspects in this new way of getting published...

First, of course, is the quality of writing, but as with traditional publishing it's not what comes first... Even if your writing is great, it doesn't mean that people will find you on the web. So, the webmaster is the one to introduce the writer in you. In short, you have to learn how to be a publisher. You have to spend a lot of time as a webmaster to serve Mr. Writer.

No, this path is nor for everybody. The two professions (writer and publisher) are very different. Maybe I better compare it with the old oral tradition. You speak -- and, if there is somebody to listen, you are heard! Internet functions the same way.

I write "notes"; sometime long ones, but this is not "real" writing as web-publishing is not "real" publishing. Unreal?

Consider the word "cyber space" -- what is it? Real space? The same with this "virtual reality"? Reality of what? The space which exists only in time, reality free anything material?

Well, now you understand the problems with web-publishing. Should I say something about "ebooks"? You got it?

PS. Since this page is new, read the pages in write and web directories.

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Anatoly, March 2003.

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