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2003. Since I linked this directory to the rest of the site, I have to take care of "business" (confusing: business of the website or showbiz?)

Featured Pages: Webman's Diary

I plan to "push" BUSINESS pages; business of acting, directing, writing for theatre!

Besides Acting, Biomechanics and other theatre oriented quotations, I placed Nietzsche, Libertarian and Lao Tse gears, because I think that those quotations are good for webmasters!



New life for pages of this directory? Lul-business?
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2008 -- ten years later.


The End.

And the beginning.

Late revelations -- each website must have it, the business directory.

Because being a webmaster is a business.

At least should be, if you want your site to grow.

Only by growing, it could stay alive.

So, now I have it.

June 11, 2001. Received a note from another server (Homestead) -- no more free hosting. If theGlobe or Tripod would go the same way as the rest, I have to pay, too much invested already. As a result -- I have to charge by making the "pay pages" -- I am not prepared. The pricing, the mechanics of it!

What should be left free (teasers), what should be for members only? Now I am forced to think about CDs, ebooks and print on demand. Yes, the pay-advertizers too with their banners.

Most likely, I have to register another domains -- for acting, directing and perhaps script analysis. Maybe even for film. But before it I must rethink the organization of the third generation of my websites.

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2004 & After

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After UAF

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