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I have a few days to fix "Anatoly.biz" pages -- I even gave myself old forgotten identity -- ANT.

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... I started with directory when I didn't have web.filmplus.org [webmaster's notes and records]. Now everything that concerns traffic, analysis and etc. I keep there. Here, in business directory, money matters.

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But before you begin designing your website, remember why authors create websites:

To sell books and/or products
To be viewed as experts
To accumulate fans
To maintain a baseline of all marketing communication
To be easy to get in touch with
To maximize their Web and media presence

Only the first point is the real subject.



Sellassie (family) sites have better traffic, but no time to develop them into business. New eFood is for Ethiopian cooking only.


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See other pages in this BUSINESS directory!

PS. Three years ago I began this website as web-notebooks for myself. Well, I left the zone of "personal homepages" and, if I to continue working on my pages at the same rate, it will become a commercial site. With paid password access. It's another game all together, but I do not think I have any other options. If you don't work on webpages, the site does.

The question is how to measure the business involvement. Otherwise it could eat all your time!

The traffic is low for online business?

There is the real mechanism to track the visitors (google and other counters); I know not only the number of hits to each page, but a lot of data.

How different is the market for each site?

I was a victim of this double talk -- "user-friendly pages"? This is a consumer, not user! You come to the cyber-space and do not expect that "visitors" are your clients? It's a market, a street corner! How else?

And this "free" business! One way of another all servers will push me to pay. They are in business of making money. (Bizland with Sellassie WWW Merkato site, for example). I understand it, but I also should understand that by signing with a "free" server I enter the business relations, and this is never free.

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2004 & After
From lul

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CAMPAIGN PLANS AND RATES: As you can see, the campaign plans vary in numbers of impressions and term. 'Impressions' is the term used to refer to the number of unique instances of an ad being displayed, in this case each month.



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... next updates? another ten years?
If you are not a webmaster, what I am about to say will make no sense to you.

If webbing is not a full-time job for you, don't read it.

If you do not plan to stay in cyber space, forget it. Go somewhere else.

What do I mean? Look, I just made over two dozen pages. A year or two ago I would think that I created a new website... Well, I am talking about two pages only (Intro and Notes), which I had to place in 10 directories at my Tripod. You see, after a year of webbing I discover that each directory has to have INDEX page -- wow!

How else would you know (remember) what you have? How your navigation would work, if there is no self-references between your pages? How would get uniformity to your sites and pages?

So, you have to have YOUR OWN TEMPLATES for each site! [ I am still working and expect pages will be always under construction ]

You have to have SUPPORT pages; sometimes I call them SERVICE PAGES. If you check the blueprints of any building, you will see the invisible infra-structure -- pipes, lines, foundation, etc. Your web-SITE must have it, too. You have to remember that it will be functioning without you explaining everything for people who come to USE your pages. Every book has it -- introduction and notes. Every directory is a database and has to have them... Yes, my friend, this is information technology, management of data and so on.

2002 updates

I do not work on Sellassie pages anymore; whatever traffic I get is an inertia. I have to fix my professional pages, which were ignored for too long. Perhaps, my daughter and son will pick up them at some point -- the Ethiopian sites. The business pages is the last directory on the list to fix. I do not anticipate any business from those business pages; not now, not right away. In the future they should be the gateway pages to place the advertisement. When? Who knows? Another year? Maybe longer.

Nevertheless, I made a couple flash business banners. If you read the webman's diary, you understand why I am not exited about web anymore. Two last years should cool anybody who wanted to make money on the Internet. Apply the same principle, if you are about to have a startup business with no capital. Food business of this kind? Over 90% failure. Five years in business to break through. And the exception to the rules, of course.

Yes, I will links the business pages to the rest; only to force myself to work on them. Too many of my comments have nothing to do with the webmaster's pages and are about the business. Not even the web or internet business. Simply the business, which I didn't have in mind, but must take care of now. (Yeah, maybe I will work on the book "Webman's Diary," but this is a long shot).

Summary? The texts are first. I feel that I got the web-basis to use it -- should i say for my self-publishing needs? If so, forget everything else and deal with your manuscripts via POD (print on demand). I haven't try it yet, but seems easy and cheap, as long as the texts are proof ready. Nothing else; no paid membership, no more affiliates or other penny options. Even the POD direction is a huge task for me; the textbooks are not ready. No matter how many hours I put daily, I can't jump above my head. No miracles, just labor.

Now, the strategy... [link] 2003 new: 2003 vtheatre.net ShowBiz -- advertise!

... now is 2009

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Russian Cook
New: Russian Fast Food!
From Esther Sellassie Antohin (right):
Ethiopian (Royal Family Dinners)
Russian (husband & 1992-1993 RAC)
American: McDonald's manager
Summer 2003, Fairbanks Alaska, USA

2005-2006 Theatre UAF Season: Four Farces + One Funeral & Godot'06
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