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I do not make money on my webpages.
2004 & After
From lul
Maybe, some money, so the pages could pay for itself...

Intead of "money" I wrote Losers, based on my own experience. [ANT notes]

Do other people make ONLINE living -- maybe, you can have !k/month [ I still believe it's possible ], but 10K?

... to make over 100.000/year -- it's a big question.

My amateur calculations are simple : 1% conversion rate = 1000 pageviews gives $10/day [ if you can get 1% and $1 for click-through ]. The bigger the numbers the less is the ratio...

10.000 pageviews/day?

Portals, porno sites, service-oriented pages -- but "specialty" niche pages like mine?

... even so, $100/day come to 36.500, right?

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2004: Google and Amazon -- my story
BUSINESS directory is to support all the commercial links I have on my sites.

Webmaster, do yourself a favor -- create pages to organize your backstage business. For, example --Commercial Links page: it got the links to my own pages with many categories: books, video, gifts, etc. (under construction, as they say). Easy for you, webmaster, means easy for your visitors.

Maintainence, man!

Ah, the money! Maybe I made this page, because I was a sucker like so many, who spamming you with those "opportunities" emails. And the MLM (multiple-level-marketing -- even in Russia and Albania they understood that those pyramids do not work). You're probably are getting this junk everyday. With the testimonials... I can give you mine. Forget it, man! Do you have real business or product to offer? Then go ahead and make yourself a good website. No, not a page, but the real site with online ordering, good catalogue and etc. If you do not have any real business, don't go there. Don't waste your time.

Did you sell anything door-to-door American way? Books, real estate, cars, something? Do you know about the last part -- the closing? Do you understand how difficult is to close, when your customer can click you out at any moment? Think for a moment -- think that this Internet is not a bridge, but a wall. "Highway"? Try to sell a poster from your car on a highway and come back to tell me...

More. Web is very time consuming. Believe me. Everything cyber is "virtual" = misleading. It looks easy, near, reachable... Wrong. Go and the check out their "cyber-cash" -- the points they try to sell you for your real dollars....

[ in order not to repeat myself, read biz @ and other business pages! ]

[ to be continued ]


Sept. 2004. It took me six years to make my webpages to pay for themselves. Yes, I did it "part-time," but how much time was invested in it! And money!

First, you have to pay for service (get rid of the banners -- your have to place your own to make money). You have to pay for domains -- you have to. There are a few things which you HAVE to do.

Do affiliations work?

I am down to two main ones -- Google and Amazon (as you can see it). The rest of advertisers are on probation...

Both, Google and Amazon, are working. At the moment, Google generates around $4/day and Amazon -- $1-2/day. Can they do better?

Well, we back to the issue of traffic.

The old math: 100 visitors = 1 click-through. If you have more than 1% ration, you are doing great! Less -- something wrong (1% is a conservative number).

So, what do we have at the end of the day?

1000 visits = 10 clicks? How many (Amazon case) actually will buy anything? How about the same ratio (100/1)?

You see?

Should we say 10.000 views/day?

10K a day?!

Big number! Can you have it, if you are not a porno site (10K/day common traffic)?...

I have to pause.


There are some good news in cyber business, too. The future. Once you reached a critical mass, you got it. Second, the web works for you 24/7 -- it works, when you don't. You can move on -- working more!

Where is this magic number, when you can expect to make a living, webmaster?

How about 100.000/day?

Google says -- if you have more than 200.000/day, please, contact us.

Is it realistic to expect 200K of visitor every day?

Even if I could do it full-time, I say -- no.

I say "no" -- because I have no real business. But do I have "products" to expect the traffic to claim up?

Good question!

Can you double your traffic every month? How many years will it take to get to the "business" traffic numbers?

You have to have guts and patience to aim at $50K/year. You have to have some new web-ideas even to hope for it. "Web-ideas"? Yes, like Amazon or eBay. The historical vision of our times...


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