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Small and Big Losers of the World, Unite!

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I didn't update this page on purpose, try the links and see for yourself, how many of them are dead!

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Do you have your own website? No?

Then this page is not for you.

First, you have to become a loser (small for start), if you plan to win.

There are several ways of doing it.

If you travel my websites, you know where you can get a free space. Tripod, TheGlobe, Angelfire, Freeservers, 321Media, Refcities, Beseen, Spree, Netcolony, 50megs... (And get yourself Sellassie Free Email in your own name!) -- 321media, theGlobe, Refcities, Beseen, Spree are dead. Netcolony and 50megs to follow. Now, read me-past...

I recommended to try 321Media, which hosts Ethiop Village Shop. Free, too... DEAD!


Why is everything for "free" on the Net?

Well, not really. Your time is not. If you value it...

You will understand it, if you are about to do the Web every day!

Do it for "free"... before you start paying. Try, maybe you won't like it.

Most of the links you see on my pages are free, all of them I use.

Anatoly, webmaster

11.17.03. This page was born a few years ago, in 1999, when after a year on the web I thought that I know how it works...

It was the time, when I had a few visitors a day. Oh, if only I can have a few hundrend/day, I thought. Well, now I have something between 2 and 3000 a day. Do I make money? No. Enough to pay for the webhosting with Yahoo and Tripod, maybe.

Can my pages make more a couple bucks a day? Well, than I need to run them as a business.

What does it mean? To start -- I have to treat you, readers, as consumers. Oh, this is a different game, my friends.

Open the poll on this page "What do you buy online?" and see for yourself. How many order anything from my webpages? None. This is the answer from almost 200 visitors. Or look at the ads on the page? "Updated" (bottom) --

"Ads from Google"?


And I am talking about the best!


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