2009 Lul
2010, 2011 -- will this directory get life in Ethiopia?

Lul is a business.

Lul-online? My old web-business, which never became a business.

biz.vtheatre.net is for philosophy... anti-business?

How serious am I about business?

Good question.


I better be. Lul-producer directory : lul.vtheatre.net -- I have to make "2010" and "2011" pages!

My web.filmplus.org end on 2010!

To keep this directory asmy Internet business only and have Lul-business at vtheatre.net?

What are my plans for next three years of webbing?

Not clear how much online work I can do from Africa. Or in Africa.

Online classes, e-books?


2009 * Business Directory @ Film-North

Webmasters of the World, Unite! We have nothing to lose but the links!

2008 -- I didn't work on business(and business pages) in 2008.
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"Double pages" -- because I had to move the Globe business directory here, when the Globe died.


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2004: web plans


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web or showbiz?

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Intro Page for Business Directory @ Film-North

I have such BUSINESS directory on all my big sites (two). Why? Because every website is a business. Period.

Sometime I call it WEB directory, since I have to do both -- build and serve my page -- but the bottom line is that your content pages have to be supported!

Look what a mess I made at Tripod! How many directories I created without a serious thought about HOW TO USE them!

You have to organize them, if you want to help yourself, webmaster.

Check my root directory, what do you see? Pix, Images, Photos, Banners, Graphics, Animate... directories... Soon you do not remember what is what and where is it! You have to have BUSINESS directory for your plans, tactics and strategy. I even opened the SERVICE directory; for my eyes only. The backstage machine to make the content pages hyper-intensive.

If you want others to feel home on your pages, you have be in charge of your house. Moving from room to room must be easy, you have to SEE the PLAN of your structure!

Well, this is why in addition to Into Page I made Notes page in every directory, including this Business Directory @ Film-North. Go there.

... web.filmplus.org :


We can place yours, too!

... no takers?
... too bad.

Webmasters are no linguists. There are websites and there are webpages. If you can't get above 1000 visitors/year, you have a page. Only after you break 10K on your counter, you can consider your pages becoming website. Traffic is the best indicator what you are and what you can expect. Only after 100K you can think about commercial life of your website.

Yahoo on "Anatoly Antohin Business" -- very little about the business of the net!

Also, there is Banner Rotator on our pages. Your banner can be in it! [ Right now I am advertising my own webpages mostly! ] "Advertising is educating the public to who you are, where you are, and what service you have to offer," Robinson wrote. "The only man or organization who should not advertise is the one who has nothing to offer."

Business pages are to SERVE the content pages of the HIM website. If you are a webmaster, you know what I mean. If you don't, you are not seasoned webmaster yet.

There are several services from htmlgear: links, texts, pass-it, etc. -- all are monitored from another server.

This Intro page is for me, and for you, if you want to see the mechanism of the site.

The plans for development of the THR w/Anatoly are on Notes page!

In order for me to redesign the front page, I have to organize it as a mini-portal. Several navigation devices (including search) are already serving this purpose.

Business is not only to make the pages work, but to WORK the pages!

I have WEB directory, which is supposed to be about the business of the web and net.

Let me quote some people who know more about this business of Web and Internet:

A study by IDC Group that came out last month predicted that a billion people around the world will be using the Internet by 2005, spending $5 trillion. Another recent study from Alexa Research suggests that Internet traffic is gradually diffusing from the biggest sites toward the smaller ones. Since this time last year, page views of our members' sites (the number of times people look at your sites every month) have tripled. That's great news, for you and for us.
Andrew Beebe, Chairman and Cofounder of BigStep.com

EthioCookBook project: eFood

Historical text are from http://www.samizdat.com/armies.html

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