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Addis Ababa Ethiopia

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We never got to publishing this book. Maybe, in Addis?
2004 & After
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Cooking Ethiopian Way

2009 and After

2004: Ethiopian Recipes

I built BUSINESS directory and many biz pages in order to support all the commercial links I have on my sites. This page is about HOT FOOD.... and I mean "hot" -- Ethiopian Cooking!



Oh, no! You mean that you didn't read the most important book in your life? And you do not know how Queen Sheba won the heart of King Solom? I can't believe it! You don't know the most precious secrets of life? Oh, my God!

I don't care, if you are a man or a woman; all I need to know that you are not a machine. You know the story of Solomon and Sheba, which took place three thousand years ago, don't you? One of the greatest love stories of all times, mind you. If you are a man, I understand that you care little about the romance, but don't tell me that you have no interest in a good woman! This woman from Africa made her way to the Bible -- and I want you to know how and why....

No, I won't write about their sexual pleasures (maybe later), I want to tell you about their dinners. Go and read how King Solomon got her, Queen of Sheba, with his solty Jewish fish -- and come back for another story: how she got back at him with her African cooking...

Alert: if this writing is too hot for you, go to the kitchen and get a cold drink, before reading further....

Are you back? Good. Now, listen. Listen to mysteries Bible doesn't reviel -- the power of woman over man.... I hope you know that Eden was in Ethiopia (istorical fact) and you heard about the original sin... Forget the apple (food)! Both, Adam and Eve were supposed to love God and only through God love each other. Well, Bible, like all good books, is missleading. It's not about the hot sex in Paradise....

Okay, I have to make a statement. If you are to starve somebody and than offer sex or food -- I bet it will be food, not sex. And this is what took place many moons before us...

And after us...

Back to our story --

Solomon was a king (all kings are men) and Sheba was a queen (all queens are women) -- and this is the problem. Yes, I am talking about cooking! Damn it!


Russsian Cook
New: Russian Fast Food!
2004 & After

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