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I had to built BUSINESS directory and many pages in order to support all the commercial links I have on my sites.

Webmaster, do yourself a favor -- create pages to organize your backstage business.

For, example --Commercial Links page: it got the links to my own pages with many categories: books, video, gifts, etc.

Easy for you means easy for your visitors.

Maintenance, man!




Commercial Links

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I am not signing for affiliations anymore; only a few are left. Amazon, mainly. Not only because I am not working on Sellassie WWW pages, but because it doesn't work -- the commissions.

So, what is my business?



See page "showbiz"!
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I haven't touch this directory since 2003 (almost).




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Business @ Film-North

... POB 11411 Addis Ethiopia
This page is a guest from my vtheatre (Virtual Theatre) business pages. No, I am not talking about showbusiness in theatre or film, but about showbiz, regarding my own webpages.

How to "show" -- to present them, the content pages.

Even more specific: how to market them...

Not long ago (spring 2003) I installed new "cqcounter" (you see it on all my film pages. In addition to Tripod/Lycos traffic data, this new counter give me some ideas who, when, how visits the pages. If have not many visitors, you probably do not need to study the traffic data, but if you have hundreds and thousands a day, you should.

Do I still believe that my websites have a commercial potential? Yes. Do I work on them, making them commercial? Not really. It another task I have no time for. I hope it will come by itself, if I do things right.

What does it mean in marketing -- right and wrong?

I wrote a page about "right and wrong" in "Webman's Diary" -- but there are wrong things in web BUSINESS. To start, open the page code (right click, view source) and see meta tags. How relevant are the keywords? What about the page's "description"? More than 80% of your visitors do come through the search engines, based on the meta tags.

So, who does read my pages?

Students, mostly.

The numbers go down on Fri. and pick up on Sun. -- when they do their homework again. The same pix with the summer time.

Should I put "student, students, homework" and etc. into my meta tags? Probably...

Every word counts. Like in poetry.

What is the number of college and/or high school students I have? I do not know. I teach university kids, so my pages are for that level. Should I aim at HS students? I don't do it. I better stick to what I do ("do and don't" for webmaster).

There is no such a thing as "too specific" in web-business.

Anatoly, 8.22.03


Business links only (in this directory).

Webmaster, do yourself a favor -- create pages to organize your backstage business, say I to myself.

For, example -- Commercial Links page: it got the links to my own pages with many categories: books, video, gifts, etc.

Easy for you = means easy for your visitors.

I am struggling with navigation to this day.

System! Do you see the line bellow? Good for nothing!


No, I was kidding -- this banner exchange is a joke. Don't fall for it. Work on your pages and the the main engines will find you. You have the content, the people will come -- and you would get good listing. My flash banners (new) are to advertise my directories!


Updates -- in Addis!

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