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Not sure that I can write about web-business, but I think about it.

... use this [and other 2007 pages] to come back later. What to lose and what to keep. What is working and what isn't.

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A lot of time was wasted.

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They call it "learning"!


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Again, not sorted out, as MENU!

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More WORK, more!

For [new] 2008 page : I do not know; I do not trade myself, but I'm thinking about it. I have four different accounts, no banks in any of them. Two national banks I have the accounts with didn't show yet in danger zone (Wells Fargo and Key), but, of course, they have connections with the rest (like Citibank). Even Obama will let some of the big financial institutions die, some will be semi-nationalized (Bush proposed it for G7, next week agenda).
Bank of America? Even with the dollar going back to 30 ruble mark, the banks (stock) won't be recovering in near future (year or two). At least, not in USA. The picture will be so different by then, we do not even the names of winning stock somewhere in India or Brazil. [I left 25% of emerging markets in all four account untouched]. I plan to start trading by myself because "they" do handle my money understand no more than I am. And the level of (non)understanding is chocking. As there is no professionals over there.
Although, Warren Buffet (Obama's financial adviser) still makes money on bear market (loosing less than the rest).
Recent quote from WB : "What is in trouble here is American economy, not Wall Street. I don't like what's going on, but Wall Street shareholders got creamed. Justice won't be perfect. Can second guess forever, but this is Pearl Harbor." The secret (It's the economy, stupid!) will be discovered next -- very small segment of US economy is solid... and by 2010 we will know it, when somebody like Chrysler will go bankrupt.

... and WB:

-- China, Asia holding American debt...we have been consuming about $2 billion a day of goods/services above what we're producing. We send them paper in exchange. They can do lots with that, including buy our companies. They are going to own something for that. Every day, they own $2 billion more of American assets. I think that's bad.

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I leave the template as it was... Nostalgic.

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From lul

What I had in mind then...

2008 +

anatolant.spaces.live.com [ theatre-blog ] :

My blog is worth $1,693.62.
How much is your blog worth?

... "business blog"? myspace.com/anatolant (?)
Business updates?
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Any advise to fellow-web-business man?

How about --

Overview of the Course: It is tempting to say that Web business is business on the Web, but there is much more to it than that. The Internet has facilitated new ways of doing business and hence new businesses. World-wide, real-time auctions (eBay), books and other products sold through affiliate programs (Amazon.com) and third-party perishable inventory sales (invented but perhaps not perfected by Priceline.com) are examples of businesses that require the Internet to operate.

Of course, some Internet commerce is simply an extension of sales to a new channel of distribution. Wal-Mart on the Web is an Internet version of the traditional retail chain and Red Envelope is a gift store on the Web that could, conceivably, exist without the Internet. Indeed, the most successful e-commerce stores right now are so-called "bricks and clicks," which are brick and mortar stores with Web sites.

Other sites serve information and service functions for traditional businesses, but even here there are many examples of services that are highly-dependent on the Internet, such as package tracking for Federal Express or UPS.


I am not sure that this link/class will be there a year from now.

Ant 2008, Aug. 1

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... I leave the old list of what is required from a business website to remind myself of what I do not have -- and, most likely, never will. ANT

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I was updating WebShowBIZ and wrote a note on title page:
SUM -- as business my webpages failed.
I have to recognize it and focus on what I do -- content.
Reflections on vtheatre.blogspot.com [webmaster's blog] are not of business nature, but my updates on web changes.
Should I return to this topic in the future?


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