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Once you know your own weaknesses, they cease to harm you. -KF-
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Acting is a profession.

Profession is a craft.

Craft is a practical knowledge.

Knowledge comes through learning.

Learning is a labor.

Do you have this talant to learn?

Talant asks for a commitment.

Do you have the time to be an actor?

Do you have the will?

Read Act Cycles first! [ handouts ]

2003 * THR221 Intermediate Acting : new pages in BM+ @ *
Virtual Theatre
Russian Theatre: + (webcast)

* March 2006: -- 100 years since Sam Beckett's birth *

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    More and more I use film terminology in BM class; simple as CU and MS frame -- or more complex, like line of action, axis of tention.
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    ACTING BioMX workshop


    Pre-Acting? Yes! Think first. Practice. Only then you can forget about everything when you are on stage.

    Hour and Day Format: see forms

    Exerc. + Etudes: use as warmups.

    Practical applications of MasterClass

    Body is big.

    Your body is your medium.

    Break it into a smaller, natural, parts.

    Head. Hands. Legs.

    Look at your scene/monologue -- there are many ways to express the meaning.... and only way is the right way. Your way.

    What is "your way"?

    Do you know your text, do you know your body? Are they yours?

    How would we know that it's yours?

    Let us say -- I never saw anything like THIS!

    Only NEW is your discovery.

    Now, what do you want to tell us?

    Only after you have something to say, you can find the way to say it. Use it, the body, the parts, not all. Build, construct your PHYSICAL SENTENSE -- put the parts together in new order. THAT IS YOUR MESSAGE to the world. Now you can speak your lines...


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