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Thoughts too deep to be expressed,
And too strong to be suppressed.
--George Wither, Mistress of Philarete
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Thanks to Master himself for his participation in writing the book; we spent many long artic nights together discussing the future of Biomechanics. In many ways I feel that i wrote the book only because Meyerhold couldn't it himself. I even can say that I was forced by him to write it! And to write it in English, the language both of us do not know! Is it fare? He gets all the fame and I am to be blaimed for everything what is done wrong! Oh, I understand why so many didn't like him and even hated him!

So, I didn't dedicated this book to him!

Well, we both are the bad Soviets, bad communists, anyway. I think about not putting my own name on the title page. The last name, I mean.


When you name "meyerhold" it means I use real quotations. If "Meyer" -- fictional. If "M" -- I don't know what does it mean. Also, "Master" -- another name I use for him.


I wrote down my notes because I have so many questions. Now, because of writing, I have much more.
RE: Laban Movement Analysis, Lecoq, Viewpoints, Suzuki


`Nothing is more difficult to handle, more doubtful of success, more dangerous to carry out, than change. It makes enemies of all those who prospered under the old order, and it gets little support from those who may prosper from the new.' The Prince, N. Machiavelli
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ACTING BioMX Acknowledgment

I do not know why I made this page. Perhaps, because every serious book has it, even the cyber ones...
Anatoly-RESUME, Self-portrait, Latina, Italy, Camp, 1980
"And I'll draw right here a picture of the face that drove me mad." --H. A. D'Arcy, The Face Upon the Floor
I wrote it before -- and I repeat: in order to understand the difference between Method and Biomechanics, one must know them both. If you are not familiar with the basics of the Stanislavsky' System, please read first the pages of the Sytem of the Method. Meyerhold was a student of Stanislavsky and developed his theatre theories on the basis of what was already discovered by the teacher.

I use a lot of Stanislavsky's terminology in order to get to the Biomechanics.

"In the glance of the speechless animal there is a discourse that only the soul of the wise can really understand." --An Indian Poet, quoted by Kahlil Gibran

For analysis I use the photos from my own shows and classical paintings. As soon as you master the visual breakdown of the motion, conflict, axises and vectors, you can use any of the (good) pix.

Please use the floor (ground) plans for your "paper acting"! I ask the 121 actors to do it -- it will help you to see the motion in 3D.

Meyerhold and Stanislavsky are the obvious people I have to say thanks for my understanding of acting. Thanks to my students, who suffered through many of my experiements in classes. I learn so much from you, guys. You, virtual readers, too -- thanks for your time and attention!

Anatoly, Alaska, Fairbanks, 2001

PS. Please, search the sites, before you email me with your questions.

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