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I am not about to update Post-America pages, my (first) "American Book" -- when I writing it (mid 1990s) I didn't have the thought about the Grand Depression and World Without America ... My visions were much more catastrophic; I believe that we are the end of the world -- what could be more horrific tan that?

I still believe it: and more song and dance the youtubers do, more I realize how right were my teen years' apocalyptic visions.

Of course, at the time (1960s) I thought that the soviet Life is "being" after the end of Being... I didn't know that it came from the West, as the communist Party were telling me. I didn't believe tham. Why? Because they were idiots. By the tale of sound and furry was told by an idiot, eh?

I am not about to rework the old pages of Post-America, and i do not know if I will write The Grand Depression (Project "2008"). I gave up on writing books after the realization that I have to publish them by myself.

I probably die, trying to finish my Utopia Project (u21.us), and it is, of course, web-show of unknown to me (yet) forms...


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