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Part III. Skin Deep

You have to dig-in to find America in America. You meet good folks next to you, but if you want to find America, you have to search for it inside yourself. This is a secret America... personal and private. This is your chance to meet true America. And this is your mission.

It's obvious that Americans are no less religeious than Muslems. Go and count the churches in USA and minorets over there. Oh, please, stop this historical analysis that Americans ran here because of the religious proccecutions in the old world. Americans are naive because they still believe in God. And this is why I say -- go in there, go depper inside your own self.

Look, Americans could talk to you about sex life before they open themselves to share thir religious convictions. So, what is there, The Skin Deep? You. The best of you. The one you have to discover and to create, if you are indeed the master of your own fate. They say "self-made-man" -- a lot of them. Americans are workers, but there is another work to do -- to work with your soul. Yeah, I would leave aside the spirit. Maybe in some other books, after the American Book.

I stand in front of the mirror, in silence. How can I talk to myself? I don't. I am not crazy enough. I would like to talk to myself. I wait. Silence. I turn off the light in the bathroom...

Alaska? Which one? Where two of them. The Alaska we came to in 1989 and the one I am in right now.

There are many of me too, read SELF, the next book.

I have a problem (I have many problems), the problem is that I over do things. "Over kill" sort of. And I did it, I killed it, my family. No, it's not only your fault, America. I was American too.

Maybe that was the Russian who did it.

Anyway, it was me. I did it. I destroyed my own family.

It's easy. You lose your wife and the family is gone.

That is what I did.

Did you see this bad photo above? That's me, the clown.

No, the problem is that it is not me.



If I am about to keep 1992 Russia, 1995 Ethiopia and 2000 together, then Semiotics of Politics should be here too. Slavery, if Prison is in Part 2.

What about Foucault and Dialogue? As the transition to SELF.

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