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2008 -- "Post - American Language" [ "you know what I mean"? ]
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and Abbreviations

America --

American --

PA -- PostAmeriKa

PM or POMO -- Postmodernism

A or AA -- Anatoly or Anatoly Antohin

NYC -- New York City

VA -- Virginia

Foucault -- see Bibliography

POMO (see above)

Semio -- semiotics

SU - Soviet Union, USSR

AmeriKa (spl?)











POV Glossary

Film Dictionary

http://www.mnsu.edu/emuseum/cultural/northamerica/pomo.html :
Location: Pomo is a word believed to be derived from Poma, the village name given by anthropologists at the beginning of the century. The Pomo originated in California and were divided into three regions, the coast, the valley, and the lake regions of northern, central and southern California. They inhabited Mendicino, Sonoma and Lake counties. They also resided in the Russian River Valley and still reside in these areas today. The northern Pomo are named the Bokeya, the central are the Yokiya, and the southern Pomo are the Kashia.

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Side Notes : from film600/dict :

hypocrisy & hipocrite [w]:

Whereas hypokrisis applied to any sort of public performance (including the art of rhetoric), hypokrites was a technical term for a stage actor and was not considered an appropriate role for a public figure. In Athens in the 4th Century BC, for example, the great orator Demosthenes ridiculed his rival Aeschines, who had been a successful actor before taking up politics, as a hypokrites whose skill at impersonating characters on stage made him an untrustworthy politician. This negative view of the hypokrites, perhaps combined with the Roman disdain for actors, later shaded into the originally neutral hypokrisis. It is this later sense of hypokrisis as "play-acting," i.e. the assumption of a counterfeit persona, that gives the modern word hypocrisy its negative connotation.


filmplus.org/thr/dict -- thr theory

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