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PA. 2007

... how did I wait for this moment, when I actually write this book!


I do not have time to read it.

... the journal formóshort, choppy, blunt, businessman style. ... cutting from theme to theme with sharp transitions--non-transitions, really--between sections. Quick cuts. Scenes. Dialogue.

“factual prose that is also literary – infused with the stylistic devices, tropes, and rhetorical flourishes of the best fiction and the most lyrical of narrative poetry. It is fact-based writing…[that has] foremost a fidelity to accuracy, to truthfulness.

“It’s very literariness distinguishes this writing from deadline reportage, daily journalism, academic criticism, and critical biography. It is storytelling of a very high order – through the revelation of character and the suspense of plot, the subtle braiding of themes, rhythms and resonance, memory and imaginative research, precise and original language…” – from Writing Creative Nonfiction by Carolyn Forche and Philip Gerard

But what is creative nonfiction?

As "nonfiction" implies, the information contained in creative nonfiction writing must be true; names, dates, places descriptions, quotation may not be created or altered.

The "creative" aspect of this genre means, "Writers are not constrained by traditional academic or journalistic straightjackets...locked into the inverted 5W (who-what-when-where-why) format." Rather, writers in the genre can write with style without sacrificing substance. They can write real stories rather than file traditional news reports; real stories that are perhaps more true because they include the flaws and warts of the humans they are writing about, utilizing literary techniques such as scene, dialog, description, personal point of view and voice. Thus, Gutkind says, "In this regard, creative nonfiction is as accurate as the most meticulous reportage-perhaps even more accurate because the creative nonfiction writer is expected to dig deeper into a subject, thereby presenting or unearthing a larger truth."


libertarian -- 2008 elections ?

I do not plan to write about Elections 2008 : American or Russian...

I have no time to think about the difference between Libertarians and Anarchists.

... [ Situationalst International (references) -- Guy Debord, ch 1 : 34 The spectacle is capital to such a degree of accumulation that it becomes an image. ] see [theatre theory files]


I wanted to stage Tom Stoppard's Cost of Utopia : Theatre UAF 2008...

R/G are Dead, instead.



RAT, Father-Russia -- no updates.

Ah,! Book of Fool : Russian & American [ru]


... Bakunin, Kropotkin, never had time to study them.

... Now it's too late.

[ waiting for godot ]

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Unfinished thoughts about 9-11, 2001 ...

The Possessed
So many years later no sense?

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