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... [ 2 ] theatre [sort of] the way I see it. The same could be said about "film"...

The films I never shot -- and why I am not sorry.

lul : Ethiopian diary [2009]

I should consider page [ 0 ] as web: after all, everything I do comes through web -- writing, film, theatre...

Is WEB is the prime element of Virtual Theatre (TV)?

This is not the place to write about it. I have many other pages to write about vtheatre.

Utopia and Ethiopian Diaries in one place?

Natural? No?

I do not know.

Will I know?

I do not know it either.


Project 2009 -- without Time and History
film-north vs. cine101

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Reasons for resurrection this [ALBUM] directory:

As if I am back to painting? & -- could my years explain it?

I do not know my African future, I am trying to guess it...


My compromise with the Other is theatre, compromise with literature -- directing.

Art is the spot where I can have my peace with life.

Life or People?

Film, the art of the dead. Why I do not feel it about literature or music?


Project 2008: + -- Goodbye, America!

unfinished projects ... Virtual Theatre [] & Book of Spectator [] -- and Film600 ["Wrong Ideas, Bad Theories"]

... webcast? iPod? I do not thing so.


"4"? That's what I taught...

Tarkovky, Mirror -- Film-philosophy (writing)

... and post-film : something for cine101

Alphaville - 1:39:37 [ better not to compare with Tarkovsky's "Ivan" : made around the same time ]

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