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Not even aDiary, but a scrapbook...

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2009 vs. 2008

The future of this "project" and its forms are unkown.

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Theatre of One

I made vTheatre album @ for stage pix. At Film-North I will post the images I use for film pages...

Read Virtual Theatre files or The book of Spectator to understand the logic behind the search for images.

I am sixty and do my webbing for good ten years, therefore I am bitter -- I do not expect much from my "readers" [I do not consider those thousands of visitors as MY readers].

Perhaps, this is nothing but nature of the Net, accidental passers-by...

Well, I am not writing either, but "riting"!

... or "wrighting" at best.

POMO readings
The Gaze

I'm not sure yet that this new-old directory will work for me... if work at all.


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