2008 news in light of outdated 2009 news... Is it the place where all my diaries come ?



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Somehow diary.vtheatre.net became "Russian notebook" [Project 2008] -- does it mean that aDiary is my American diary? In English, at least.

I see my summer calendar -- empty.

I feel empty.

I am empty.

The webpages became my last refuge.

Is it all what is left after my 30 years in USA?


6.22.09. Dreams -- I saw it today; where am I? I call this reoccurring dream "Lost"...

Woke up -- and a clear thought (realization) : I was list my entire life.

I go back ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty years -- lost.

Sometimes I "felt" that I knew what I was doing, but I never was safe; never HAD it...

I am dying small.

What a strange page -- notebook [in diary?] Why I made this page I don't remember, of course. I write this aDiary to remember. AA

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"My Grand Depression" took place: I am leaving. This time without changing my citizenship, but changing the country of residence.

What does it mean?

what does it say about me... and about America?

Anatoly travels [ continued ] -- run, run! Refugee.

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6.19.09 -- After making web.filmplus.org/new pages... I must cry -- How ironic!? To mark anything online as "new"?! But I do not scream. I am too old to make sounds.