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A Diary

I am not sure how to organize this diary -- and I need to have a place to store the past messages.

Writer's Diary

I tried the diary format many times, maybe this one can work. I am not sure that I can do it every day. I still didn't find the site that can offer features for a notebook. I make my notes for my writing projects.

Cyber Anatoly

I'm thinking about a new name for myself -- Ana Toly (that's how they called me in the airport once). Maybe I shouldn't use my real name for the textbooks and save "Anatoly" for my nonfiction. 

The Book of Spectator

Here's a picture of my recent virtual trip (writing).

To find the graphic tone for each writing project is not easy. I do not have time for Photoshop (I have no time even for the real paintings). I have to use the freebies and do some cheap (fast) text editing.

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I write every day, each day -- nothing else. I write. When can I have any time for a diary?

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