2008 -- I have to think ahead : 2010?
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... After? After Death?

Nov. 4 is the day -- filmplus.org/politics/2008 : next four years. Obama's Real Situation -- why I see it, the Grand Depression?

Not even GD 2.0 ?

Grand vs. Great

... filmplus.org/amer [2007] -- Post-America, and then -- Without America?

The End of my American Life -- really?

African one? A = Anatoly, A = American, A = Alaskan

... (A)diary


Of course, I have my plans [ teatr.us ], I always had plans, a lot of them.

I even had my plans for America.

I was writing the Book, which is unpublished.

And it will be never published.

I had plans for Alaska.

What came out of my plans?

I even wanted to plan my death.


anatoly.et and filmplus.org/ET


Another round of "Anatoly Travels" -- but I am careful; I will not be in Africa... not really. I have to preserve my hopes of Africa from Africa, I shall continue to preserve my dreams of life from Life. I won't let it be destroyed by "real" Ethiopia... What is REAL Ethiopia? My visions of it are more important -- they are real. The so-called "real" is overrated.

... for ethio.vtheatre.net.

BTW, the Grand Depression does take place -- the crisis of the spiritual, the finale of the past century and millennium.

Oh, the ugly history, the history of ugliness! I am glad that you are dead. Here it is, the death of lies, the death of Utopias -- long live Utopia!

My Utopia, Utopia free from Utopians, from vulgar dreamers with their giftless dreams.

Perhaps I am a misanthrope, and even misanthropist, but I have to preserve myself and mine. Even if it's just dreams. Especially, when it's dreams.

All right, the Dreams Project [Utopia} -- "P2009"

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A few topics for Project 2009, a preface.