2010 and 2010

... I am tired. I hope that a few days in August when we'll travel could be of some rest.

filmplus.org/write/2009: 2008 as the "write-year"?

write.vtheatre.net/2009 -- what is written?


The world is shrinking, where is my world?

How small is it?

I cannot see it.


The Grand Depression -- you think about it. You live, you those who are "after"...

If you still could see and feel. And if you still can write.

If "writing" still be known in the future.

Do I care?

I often repeat this line -- Why should I care?

Oh, I wrote my visions of the future in Theology of Technology and even in TECH-2 [tech.vtheatre.net] -- and what?

More "2009" pages?

Too many -- that' suspicious!

... 2009-2, Addis Ababa -- Ethiopian Diaries:

Should I move to "2010" pages?

Very little is left of THIS 2009 year. And this 'very little" is very big.

I just wrote diary.vtheatre.net/2010 page [another draft] -- not knowing if my Russian LiveJournal/anatolant still will be around [for how long?] -- to continue?

"I do not know" -- I say to myself.

I say it often.

I do not want to know?

I don't know.


Hello, Ethiopia?

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Other "2009" pages -- everywhere!

... filmplus.org/album/2009:

Ah, the p2009! Project Utopia -- dreams.vtheatre.net... if as there any future.

Except my death in my sleep.

Look at the picture -- a look from the Noon at Earth, forty years ago.

I was twenty then.

Was I young?


I "was" -- can I even state this?

I won't be there to testify.

What is left after me?

Not a single book. Never mind, good book.

Sweet dreams, my prince.

Must be another dreams for this 3rd millennium. Must be another humans.

They are here, and their dreams.

Am I interested?



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2009.htm -- 2009 notes

2009 -- transition...
To have another "2009" page for notes?

The original one was nothing but notes!

... What is ahead?

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Does it matter? Who is to read?

What did I understand myself? What I am to do with my understanding of history and the world I am in?

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