Ethiopian Millennium :

... How could I be on the side of Russia in conflict with Georgia? 30 : 1 -- population alone.

Never mind, that intellectual must be "against" the government of his country (who else would be on the side of Individual, 'minority") -- in any country and any time.

In time of war? Even against Hitler?

Russia couldn't be right even it's not conflict with Georgia, but with America.

Am I against America's use of force? Strong must restrain himself.

Until when?

Well, even movies (western) show it.


First Year of the New (Ethiopian) Millennium

... I thought that by now I would be writing books. And die as a writer.

Web won't support me financially. Any hope?

... 2007 : "The End of Book" [ I am working against "the idea of book" -- Nietzsche : help to fall, who is falling ] -- and 2009 ? Web and Interactivity -- shame on me!

Individual is Nothing, said communism. Amen. I never was.

anatolant, shame on you! For your numbers, the traffic, for popularity!

... -- here it is, the disgrace. [inventory] [ru]

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... "Two Ws" : 2007 -- Web-Year, 2008 -- Writing Year?

Anatoly XXI write-blog

ANT = webSHOWbiz : "writing for them" -- this is the only way to have "Anatoly's pages without Anatoly"!

And this is my conclusion of over ten years online?

A defeat?

... from my post on my RU blog: Everything in comparison

anatolant -- 2008-09-11 01:44 pm :

Khodorkovsky is overrated in economics no less than Putin in Politics. There was no real economy and no real politics in Soviet Union. Compare Khodorkovsky with "red directors" and Putin with his predecessors? Russia still has no real businessmen or politicians -- and this why the word "elite" is used. Almost as "aristocracy" -- which is STATUS, not PROFESSION. And you are right, that's sad.


anatolant wrote:
September 11, 2008 23:45 [economist]

The weakness of the West? Just because Russian economy is not real market economy and they are about to pay the price for pretending for so long? Being aggressive is the way to cover the problems (in case if Russians would start asking Kremlin questions) -- and we debate if the West is weak? Why?

Because we didn't get into war with Russia?

The book about the "Sunset of the West" was published in 1914. The Soviets were promising the death of Europe the whole past century. Do we have to react to what they say or maybe for a change we should start THINKING about our own problems? Or we don't have them, do we?

... -- last time I write about politics? | I won't see the end of this dark era [of democracy], unless I live another 30 years. But I can write about it. [ Trick or Treat : Elections and Trash ]