Is there any "narrative" in my life? Year-by-year story?

"Web-Year" -- and?

... returning to this a.diary after many years of silence -- it is my transition from UAF?

Read webmaster's blog :

a lot of work.



In 2000 I discover "diary" function at Tripod (years before blog-mania) -- and then the years of not using it. In 2007 I wanted to to fix my working space (web) and created many blogs, reflecting my many interests. Still I do not know the form (format?) of "Diary" ...


Webmaster and writer, film and theatre, and so on -- blogs are attached to websites on web and writing, film and theatre -- and to specific projects Russian writing (Antohins and Book of Fool)... Too complicated?

Or maybe I still didn't come to the true FORMAT of web-writing?

What if the BOOK IDEA lives through a new technological revolution, when the whole cyber universe is "under the covers"? What is the "book structure" is not negated but asks for even stronger forms?

Is possible that book and theatre are merging now?

[ I do not read enough to know if this subject is researched already. ] My reasons for "dancing around" of "diaries" -- video, sound?

I have the same unanswered questions about -- virtual theatre forms. To view both questions about book and stage as ONE issue? Here enters my film pages... book-stage-film.

I sense that technology is here, but aesthetics are not discovered.

Is this trend for the Webmaster's Book?

... Okay, the ship is ready, could it take me to the new land? The name of my boat is WWW. 2008

2009 -- each day (as a person) should have its own name. That would be true respect to our time of living. Perhaps, even each hour. That is what poetry does.

I couldn't make a name for myself in 60 years, it should say something...
What is "menu"?