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Lul & USA


... How radical changes ahead for America? The end of the Cold War should effect USA -- and what do we see?

Twenty years later -- not much.


"We won"?

And the world became our problem.

I should go back to "Summer Fool" and my "Post-America" (version2.0) to write about Obama-America...

"Yes, we can"?

Now what?

Can you?


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anatoly and ANT

Catastrophe :

finally, I am to be a foreigner. "Forengi" in Ethiopia.

I was a stranger in USSR, "strange" in USA... even in the cyber-world I am not fully at home (writing not in my mother-tongue).

I was waiting since I remember myself as a teenager, waiting to enter the world, to start my life... I never live with others. I never lived?


ET : EU & RU


3.23.09: a lot of places need updating (all)...

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Without mirrors. I am by myself. I do not know how I look. I do not see anybody. I do not correspond with no one... How did I arrange it?

By being online all the time.


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American_Content Last month, AK [ July 2009] -- now what? Ex-pat. Never felt as ex-Russian or Soviet...

Well, "Ex-American" is a contradiction : American is ALWAYS new, American cannot be "ex"! Moving to Africa is this expression of being "American"!

"Moving" is the essence of "new" world. Mobile-home? The crisis of America (now) is an indication of not-evolving, the breaking the rule that "constant in America only changes" ... but what about Obama?

Is it radical enough? [ flag = American content ]