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Do I know what pages I won't be using myself after 2009?

"Russian Themes" -- ?

EDU -- ?

How little I know about myself, almost as I am back to being a teenager.

I hadn't expect it -- and I fear myself.

Very probable that I will write nothing, how else to explain why I haven't written what I should 10 or 20 years ago?

I hardly understand what I did a year ago. "Worked"...

What came out it?

[ filmplus.org/anatoly for film, bloglines for my "personal" notes? ]

... "2008" [web-project]

Enough about [presdo]-Russia. "RU" -- or RF.

After 08.08.08 [ War with Georgia ] the verdict is out. What "Russia"?


Back 200 years?

Four centuries?

Moscovia! Russia before it became Russia.

Just forget it!

What does it matter anymore?

Could it seen in 1988?

I don't know; I didn't think about it then...

"Democratic Russia"? Who cares?

What is left? The three thousands of nukes?

What else?

A few thousands of decent people?


They will be gone -- and the nukes and the decent people.

What to expect? Troubles.

... newRU


ET or ETHIO page?

Do they, Ethiopians, have a chance, following Russians?

... Театр Lul школа - Аддис-Абеба, Эфиопия 2009, художественный руководитель Анатолий Antohin: teatr.us

And even EU?

No US or USA...

Project "2008" [ diary.vtheatre.net ] -- mostly about my year, reading/listening to RU.

In Africa I will be American, not Russian?

30 year later I still think about my first life.

I don't know what to think...

About myself and Russia.

I have no heart to say -- die.

It takes place without me saying anything.


Another death, Alexey II died.

And -- again, what to think about him?

Неизвестный Солженицын Self-Portrait 1955

Russian 2008?

... no, Project 2009.

Two sides -- New American and New Russian, too complex to write about it here. Two domains for Utopia Porject [u21.us]

My Russian blogs? In 2009?


... should I bother with another "project"? Here it is the real live journal (what a name! -- vs. dead journal, old style journal, normal diary?).

+ commentary, what is better? [ Тёма вы ебанутый, но клёвый. ] Тёма ты невъебически крут.

... Вот акула, которая помрет, если остановится. New Zenon and his arrow.

[ later ]


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2009 -- Why it's difficult to be human being, especially, when you are Russian.
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... "Покоритель времени", "Устроитель России", "Великая душа", "Век Солженицына", "Человек политический", "Великий писатель земли русской", "Неоспоримость бессмертия", "Солженицын умер так, как хотел", "Архипелаг Солженицын", - вот некоторые заголовки статей, посвященных автору "Архипелага ГУЛАГ".

Russia with Solzhenitsyn and Without

NEW: filmplus.org/rat/semio : Pomo Russia ?

... cure from nostalgia = reading Russian [ru] forums.

"Black August" -- Bunin's Farewell to Russia was long. A story.

Same hour -- Nabokov [ different place ]

Same day -- Brodsky [ different year ]

Same situation -- Baryshnikov

Different answers -- why I will not die in Russia.

Because Russia died.


How do you know?

Are you sure?

What about Limonov, Aksenov, Shemyakin?

What about me?

Thinking won't help.

Nothing will help me. I have to write.


Summary of my "Russian Pages" --

And in Russian and English.


-- descriptions


unfinished project "RU"

Very much like myself.

This is for u21.us -- Utopia Project [ Utopia -- place which doesn't exist ].

Did I exit?

"Existence before Essence"?

What if there is no existence at all?

... Why do I say it?

Discussion/polls on echo.msk.ru :

Какие звезды должны быть на российских самолетах? * красные * триколорные * затрудняюсь ответить

Что за неологизм "триколорные"? Язык не сломали? Слово "трёхцветные" вспомнить - не судьба? Русскоязычные журналюги, беда с вами... А звёзды были, есть и будут красными.

...были, есть и будут красными, как и вся страна. Совки.
and so on.


Кризис морали for diary.vtheatre.net ? anatolant.livejournal.com ? I have no system. Too bad and too late. Here is the end of my "Russian" webbing. And, maybe, the end of me-webmaster at all.

Internet as Communist Ideal.

1848 : birth of Marxism.

"Russian Marxism"

Forms of Socialism and 2008 crisis?

To compare the models : Russian, American, European, Chinese...

XX century overview/summary [bottom] vid [1940]

... something new.

[ liberty.ru/community/anatolant ]

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... Russian Lessons :

How valid is the Russian/Soviet experiment?

No Individual, no Private...

The end?

... Ты че, сука, родину не любишь?

This page is my 2008 notes, links, half-thoughts :

[My web 2008] Changes, serious : filmplus.org/rus -- will be English ed. for fool.vtheatre.net [ Book of Fool.ru ], my notes on American Fool -- filmplus.org/politics !

Most recent project : filmplus.org/kino cine-anthropology -- what they do not see and do not show?

... what Russian movies do not show.

my youtube.com (RU) playlists :
cinema-ru russia
... and slideshare.net/group/ru

... what do I collect so many links for?

... nonfiction projects :

filmplus.org/rus = Book of Fool [en] : right now with some Russian [ Americans should know Russian "secrets" ]

... 30 sec. promo:

Only if I have enough years left to write in Russian.

About Russia?


Solzhenitsyn & Century of Antohins

... "Take Two" :

11.17.08 -- How did I get there? I don't remember -- a documentary about M. Krug (never heard before)... What a strange and very Russian story. As a conformation that I shouldn't know that Russia. Solzhenitsyn's Russia? The Russians without communism -- "Love Rus'!" Why? I do not know American rappers -- and do not love that America. As a reminder -- this is not "your Russia"... [ from/for Russian Fool ]


Take Three:

note : Солженицын: главное и сноски, Андрей Остальский, Русская Служба Би-би-си [link]

... a couple summaries of Russian 2008 [ I feel that it was the last year before the end ] :

politics : cato.ru & newsweek [ better than I write about Russian politics ]
question -- new Cold War?

**** newrussian... not New Russian -- new meaning [ Project 2009 ] "Big Idea" to think about in 2009 and for the rest of my life. NB

Comments ? No comments.

Russian Literature new listing from Amazon!

Somebody of my age, my fate -- think/write about -- Baryshnikov :

SOV vs. RU [ image ]
русские - всё, россия - ничто! Interesting.


and :


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Balabanov : "MorFi" = Happy New 2009 :

[info]anatolant on January 2nd, 2009 10:18 pm (UTC)

Happy New Year
In Africa it's a good money.
$100/month ? As it was before Putin? Before 21st century. As in 1993?
"С 1 декабря минимальный оклад - 5000!"
Maybe I read numbers wrong.
Maybe I don't understand the irony.
Maybe "Russia" is dying.
Maybe I over-lived myself.
Happy New Year.
I am too old for irony, which postmodern Russians love so much.
Is it the task to drive ALL decent Russians from Russia? [Rhetorical question, I guess].
Since 1.1.09 minimum wage in Russian is increased.

... Nabokov

BOOKs.ru -- vtheatre.net/ru/books sub-directory ?

Sandwich vs. Butterbrot : two versions of Master and Slave -- African View on America and Russia...

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pushkin Масксим Кантор 13.03.2009 -- read and comment :

Империя гибнет не от атак готов, не потому, что обесценились динарии, — империя гибнет от вранья.


... for diary.vtheatre.net : filmplus.org/kino is my last RU-project? The Russian Idea [dreams.vtheatre.net] is in English, mostly. [ANT]

Простая истина, но и еe надо выстрадать: благословенны не победы в войнах, а поражения в них! Победы нужны правительствам, поражения нужны -- народу. [А. Солженицын. Архипелаг ГУЛАГ.]