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What is this "crisis" is the divide : the line after which man and men will have their own histories.
How many of us?

One out hundred? One in thousand?

Here starts the science fiction!

In pre-history we had to pretend that we are the part of animal kingdom. Now is time to pretend that I am a part of human race.

And this is technically true.

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Without History and Time -- without Internet? No, because of the Internet. Anatoly XXI

To invite Dr. Caligari to work on this directory? To help Guidenstern... and other heroes? Who? Devils?

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Am I ready for the end?

"I see how you feel" [literaly] "Emotional programming" from filmplus.org/kino [en/ru] -- cine-anthropology, neo-RU case. How to feel" -- movies will teach you everything!

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I should call this page "2009" -- 12.16.08

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I could be wrong about this film600 directory; it could be stealdead.

I thought it will get born by itself. I will be keeping my notes about POV thoughts in this "kind" of glossary. with pictures, videos...

And one day -- here it is! The book!

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2007 -- "year" pages: instead of diary

... if there is no art.

We have to embrace robots, the new environment for us --

what we experience now is for THEM.

Them and THEM rule...

In my world the ideas rule.

I leave the visible "history" for them.

No, I do not worry about being noticed. The law of gravity was not noticed for quite time.

So, web it is.

I got you!

Read diary.vtheatre.net/2008 -- how I understood what is going on.

... with "humans".

... with me.

I must retreat in one dark corner -- blogline.com [blog for one reader]. Write video-web-poetry -- and forget about "plans"...

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From POV

Between animal and machines : new fundamentals :
not us, but me.
nobody else.
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... I talk to "robots"! Merry Christmas and Happy New [2009] Year! [ Project 2008 against Project 2009 : two extremes? Which feelings are in film600? ]


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