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... filmplus.org/2008 = writing year: what did I write?

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... I have it ready to use for writing? -- film600 pages. Third take?

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... self 2.0 Bye-bye, life

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Philosophy/Policy :


Globe = Lul = Cosmos = 3rd Millennium

... You have to wait when (and if) I will get online in Ethiopia. Anatoly Antohin

Stage as Writing place... as at the beginning.

Place or Space?

Something stagematrix should be answering.

Oh, yes -- I continue my virtual theatre exploration!

... even without the Internet i still can use my hard drive, using the same "working place" -- uploading docs.google.com, when I get a chance to be online.

Do I have the seeds of all projects already?

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I have to have "2009" pages in all directories to mark the start of the last project -- everything else should be measure against it.


I cannot use my usual template! NEW? DreamsBook and Caligari
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Project 2009 ... no 2009 directory? Concept? "Russian Idea"? Re-reading Berdyaev: Anti-RU

Russian Against Russians

Restoring Russian duality on global level -- Idea of Aristocracy and Film600?

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... Tom Stoppard: We're actors. We're the opposite of people.

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... big project :


Anatoly XXI [blog]

... Restoring SELF? What about "writing"?

filmplus.org/album -- images & poetry?

I miss the stories...

Stage shall save me from "words" -- SHOW signs, images, symbols.

2009 > u21.us > Utopia

[ All three historical projects -- FR, PA, HIM to be use as act 3 in three scenes? ]

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Open End -- Paradise -- year 3000

Dante as guide -- Hell to Purgatory.

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How to work on it?

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where to write the preface?


-- film-north 2009 : time for u21.us -- Utopia Project?

Project 2009

Caligari: Comedy about Horror

and From Alaska to Africa ...

and further.

and ...

Transition -- summer

... the end of academics.

from anatolant to ant or anatoly? New identity? New life?


ET and EU ?


... ETHIO blog?

NEW old: aristocracy

From: The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition | Date: 2008 | The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Copyright 2008 Columbia University Press.

aristocracy [Gr.,=rule by the best], in political science, government by a social elite. In the West the political concept of aristocracy derives from Plato's formulation in the Republic. The criteria on which aristocracy is based may vary greatly from society to society. Historically, aristocracies have usually rested on landed property, have invoked heredity, and, despite frequent conflicts with the throne, have flourished chiefly within the framework of monarchy . Aristocracy may be based on wealth as well as land, as in ancient Carthage and medieval Venice, or may be a theocracy like the Brahman caste in India. Other criteria can be age, race, military prowess, or cultural attainment. The best example of a modern landowning aristocracy that conducted government was in England from 1688 to 1832. A resurgence by the French aristocracy in the 18th cent. was ended by the French Revolution, which abolished most of the privileges on which it was based. Inflation, which cut into the fixed income of the aristocracy, the loss of the traditional military role of the aristocracy, and the rise of industry and decline in the importance of landed property have all worked against the aristocracy. Today the political power of traditional western aristocracy has all but disappeared.

Bibliography: See J. H. Kautsky, The Politics of Aristocratic Empires (1982).

Ho do I read it? Man as Artist [ Oscar Wilde? ]

New understanding of class -- according to Darwin?

... or according to Marx?

I have it, I struggle with myself, since I understood that I exist. This fight of Master and Slave goes on in me no matter what!

Tale of Two Cities -- not only inside me. The conflict is getting stronger each year. Pop culture vs. Art... very little left of art.

Something I didn't write about in TECH, maybe in tech2.0?

... world as utopia


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XX century : Александр Галич "Беженцы ХХ века"

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LUL "The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding." - Leonardo

What do we see watching clouds, fire, water? The elements -- how simple to be alive? The changes? What are you thinking about? Understanding, Master? Do I understand you?

Dreams = Carnival
and Spectacle?

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