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"Four weeks in August" [chapter, short story]

First Year of the New (Ethiopian) Millennium [Web Project "2008"]

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"2008" (web-project) -- vtheatre.net/2008 + diary.vtheatre.net/2008 :

compare with "2007" ?


2008 has been designated as: International Year of Planet Earth... International Year of Languages...

Events and Deaths

Predicted and scheduled events !?


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Project 2009 Close your eyes -- and see!

Project 2009

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* last live film class : movie ... W. & Olive Stone [knol]

"Test" on what they do not show, shoot, see [ in USA vs. Russia ]?

... the world became so visual, we do not see anything any longer.

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ANT in 2009 and ever After

TOPICS: drama + comedy + postmodern + time + space + death + self + imdb + history + scripts + amazon.com/kindle
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... Russian Diaries in America

"Double vision"? ["What I saw in Future Russian History" looking from Alaska"]

To point ALL 2008 pages at this one, here?

What does 2008 indicate in Father-Russia, or Post-America? 2007 and 2008 pages with notes on evolution of concepts. The big picture and one year facts. The Russian elections and the war in Georgia -- to point at the chapters in the Russian Book, and etc.

POV and TECH? New steps in Theology of Technology? The Internet and web, for instance.

Updates in the nonfiction directories? How?

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I do not write, I compose...

And those compositions are more and more for myself only.

... Enough, enough! Winter and Summer Fools must know their place!

2007 ...2009?

Best Film Director -- Vote!


2008 : story of one year

seven pages -- 2008 @ filmplus.org



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... new system?

2008.a -- 2008.august or 2008.anatoly

China Olympics will be in history books; records, medals... it had no effect on my life.

What about "intellectual" effect? [ Thought as Event ]

... Main thought of 2008?

Month-by-month -- diary.vtheatre.net/2008 : August :

The month started with death of Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

And then -- war in Georgia.

And, of course, the elections (conventions)...

How do all those events relate to me?

... but what are my events?

30 days of my life!

What does it matter for me who will be next president of America, Georgia and Russia, or life and death of Solzhenitsyn?

... and "After 2009" (Utopia Project?) : tech.vtheatre.net & filmplus.org/tech [ Theology of Technology ] -- the new millennium has to start with the CHANGE [ Grand Depression ]. Global society in real terms [ economy, i.e. finances, first. World Government? ]
Too many questions for an old guy.
I thought that u21.us will be just an artistic work [web-directing], not "documentary"!
I have to rework the nonfiction, at least the second editions @ vtheatre.net. A question.
Do I know the form of TECH II [now under the different name?]
ANT, not anatolant

From Book of Fool, USA
from my diary.vtheatre.net/2008.11

Republicans are red
Democrats are blue
America is sweet
And so are you...

Color Analysis. [ newamerican.biz ]

Compare two stories: Action * Hero * Message (Aristotle, the Poetics, Structure)

Most interesting for us is the TEXTURE!

Society of Spectacle 2.0 : cinematic analysis "America Without Americans" [re: Body without Organs]


Did America change that year?

Did it?

When will we know?

What would you say?

... anatoly.org

"Project 2008"? What the world doesn't know -- and should know? What only I know.

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footnotes: 2007 -- NEW Millennium Year, according to Ethiopians and many other non-western calendars, including lunar... read my "2007" pages [notes for myself & menu-07]

Live Writing Advice diigo it

I have to forget about myself in order to notice myself...

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