When i started this directory, all i had in mind is to keep my notes/feeiling about politics away from the nonfiction projects.

Only in 2008 I realised that "Summer Fool" (the book I wanted to write about "American Fool" to balance "Winter Fool" -- How else to call the notes about Politics made in USA.

How else to write about politics.

What did I think than suggested to my "Film and Movies" class to write their final papers about the latest Oliver Stone's movie "W."?

Well, the elections, of course.

I was sure that the students will get exited by the challenge to think about current politics and themselves...

First disappoinment was the movie "W." and Oliver Stone.

Maybe even American cinema.

Maybe my students.

Or myself.

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Maybe I should write about my sad feeling from Film analysis class at SUM or POMO pages -- I am teach my live film class. In USA, at least.

"Summary" is a good place to finish my political thoughts. Post-American thoughts?


I do not want to write about Bush or "W." -- how can I blame my students?

* filmstudy movies-politics page.

But ...

Quotes & Thoughts:


About my students and "America'08" -- Most of them voted for the first time. Most of them for Obama.

It's their century, not mine.

And the future, which was mentioned so often during the election, is also theirs.

They are not even the pomo Americans. I was postmodern, they are after me -- they should be named "neo-modernists" (?) ...

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And what can say about my baby-boomers' generation?

About Clinton and "W."?

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Or maybe I could write my film class notes on page 21 (a la century 21) or

... No, I do not complain about the kids in class and their luck of interest to themselves. Looks like they were discussing "politics and themselves" for the first time in class.

Never mind, the thmes about global politics!

They are the unknown Americans, unknown for themselves!

They are cluelessness as much as this W.

As they enter the world which knobody knows how to understand.

Why ask them, Americans?

But who is ask? Europeans? French philosophers? Writers? Which one?

Does Obama know?


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"Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it may be equally outraged by silence." --Henri Frederic Amiel
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Millennium Manifesto or My Manifesto (MM): It's not just a new century, it will take us a millennium to arrive to the universal civilization...
I arrived to NYC (Kennedy Airport) in Oct 1980. So, I do love New York. So what? The city (NYC) was attacked -- and 3 thousands people died -- I am not about to fogget it....

In Jan. 2003 in Denver I had my big kids in the car and I said: "Do you want to have a mini-test for your winter break? What I you think -- Am I for or against the war with Iraq?"


25 years. I put some fight, I won't give up. Not here, in America, the homeland by my choice...

The Numbers (visitors to my webpages):
Canada is #3
Germany -- #5
France -- #7
Mexico and Russia (or China) are not in the top ten.

"You are not welcome anymore!"

On the contrary, I am interested more in opposing views. I would like to learn -- am I missing something? This is how I became an American after thirty years of being Soviet. Even if what I hear doesn't make sense, I rather listen. I rather understand, even if they can't articulate their feelings...


I am dead seriuos. We all make our choices. Every day, every minute, every second....
We do -- and we can't change the present because it becomes the past. If do not make make your mind, you do -- there is not a second in our life when we do not make a decision...
Politics = current. Later the best of it becomes history. If we know what is the best and worse, we can see the future the same way we can our past. The biggest problem is not the unknown future, but not understood or misunderstood past.
A generations later we still do not know the meaning of Vietman. What about two generations after the Korean War?

Now. Our war. The War After the Cold War. "The War on Terror"!

Sounds midevil, isn't. Not on the country even. Listen. World War I and II, then -- "The Cold War"... Doesn't the name give away our feelings and thoughts? ...


NB. Yes, I know why I started this "politics" directory. I have two son and the political nonsense propagated by the mindless mass media finally got me. Of course, I am writing about politics. Only history.

I do not know, if I ever can come back to Hamlet2002 WebShow project. The pix are from the time when I thought that I still can do a lot....

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(paradox in itself)
Not eclectic, not fantastic, but CHAOTIC REALISM! Yes, here we go -- the order can be discover only within! From outside it looks like a mess. Look, I never understood, why everybody sees the night sky with stars as a symbol of harmony and beauty? What is the logic in their arrangement? And another mess -- the Northern Lights. Did you see it? Or the "nature" -- those mountains I see every day! Come and take a look for yourself! Nothing but a PURE CHANCE! Go to the forest, or, for God's sake, look at the tree, any tree -- what is the design of it? And it's all REAL! Why can't I have this style CHAOTIC REALISM? I tried already the Socialist Realism -- it's not real, trust me.

I agree, we must overpass the HUMAN BEING. Look at any man -- too symmetrical. Boring! That's why we want to move all the time. I understand that asymmetrical car wouldn't work, but I have to take you for a different ride -- motion is the end of balance, by only when it has changes in itself. Hard to get use to this picture of the world, where everything moves, when you can't observe things, because an event can be seen only in time. In space galaxy everything outside of the present is invisible. In the time universe the present is fuzzy. What was that? Could I rewind it, please? Ask my kids and roll back the videotape.

Only the chaos has life of its own. The soul is organized on this principle. It has no static balance. In image and likeness of God. Yes, God is the biggest mess in the world! Do you still doubt it? Without the chaos there will be no development, no need for changes, no life!

I wrote "righting" having in mind the "wrong" way of doing it. There must be something "wrong" present, if we expect to move to the right. There must something VERY WRONG ALWAYS IN.... in order for us to keep moving. Yes, I'm tired to be wrong.

I don't want to get "philosophical" -- I try to explain myself. I know a few thing about myself and what I am doing. I'm aware that there are two kind of "mess." Another embryo-image. We got the big plant from the store. As usual, the branches were pointed in all directions without any definite law -- and I enjoyed this natural CHAOTIC REALISM. Then the plant died. The dry skeleton was standing in the corner for a while, because we could believe that we killed the plant. I didn't think that the dead plant was ugly, but very morbid. I cut some branches and sprayed some parts in red, black and grey-white to emphasize the finality of the dead. But it was not the same. The live plant had more chaos in it, it was ridiculous in its panic where to turn its leaves, trying to catch as much light as possible. Yes, there was a higher logic in its chaos of the green. Some leaves were darker, all have different shape and sizes -- what a lovely mess!

I had to throw away the dead plant. One morning I look at it and imagined myself decomposing in the middle of our living room. Would my skeleton be artistically pleasant? Even after the spraying in "dramatic colors"? We went to the store to buy another live plant. There were plastic plants on sale, 50% off -- they never die and ask for no care. I examined them, the dead, the simulacra. If you look from a distance, they look "real" -- you come closer and look at their leaves: they all are the same! The fake tree violated the supreme law of life -- the chaos, the unpredictability!

The final blow -- writing in a dead language. Words, words, words....

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