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that's where the division lies, not between "left" and "right"!


How much does he understand the situation? Who knows?

Talent should have "instincts"...

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obama vs. barack : Individual against Role -- two questions.

... You are talking down to me, patronizing and treating as a mindless "fan of Obama." I don't think that you are interested in my process of choosing, but my vote only. This is the surest way to lose elections. I'll do my job making my mind better without your "packaged" sales messages.
Would you even read this message?
[ 8.21.08 -- (my) reason for unsubscribing from my.barackobama.com mailing list ]

8.23 -- my comment to NYT on VP for Obama:

Are you still voting "party ticket"? Democrats, Republicans? Now -- eat it!
Make Obama a safe choice? How about ObaMcCain? Don't blame the politicians -- you have no guts to vote your hearts, you minds. You turn the election into selection between Pepsi and Coke! Continue to play team football between red and blue, but do not ask -- where is the MAN?
Go on, cheer your support group as 50 years ago. So sad to see how you. yes, you all, turning Barack into Mr. President ... and they complain about Bush? How about that for hypocrisy? God bless America? Are you taking God for an idiot to bless people who turn FREE elections into counting chats. Not again, Lord!


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"People need to stop subscribing to one ideology and one newspaper or website which share the same viewpoints if they want to be considered as "informed citizens"..."

Most interesting -- After 2008!

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... I wish I could write comments to my own posts.

And maybe I will.

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The end of the Century (Clinton) and "Zero" YEARS (Bush II) -- [ 0 ] & [ 1 ]

... and the changes.

10.13.08 : Since the election's result became rather predictable, for a week I am making notes for "what is next?" -- what will be taking place under President Obama.

The last financial crisis demonstrated that the global situation is here. Now -- what do we do?

Will we have The Grand Depression or not is irrelavant. I call my diary.vtheatre.net -- Project "2008" = realization for anybody who want to see it : the United State of the Wolrd is the form of the new (global) goverment.

Here it is the Cizent of the World, President Obama.

What did you mean, sir, in Berlin last summer?

And what does it REALLY mean?

Here is the environment issues, and etc.

In 1995 I began to write Theology of Technology [as the last book of my nonfiction project], I even have TECH 2 edition! Time to move my "political" energy back there!

And this very note most likely belong to chapter Obama and not "Barack". Although the conflict between Individual and Communist srill an issue. For Barack or for me. For me this (libertarian) problem of living in the conditions of total communism is, of course, more important.


The rest id the previous notes on "Obama'08" :

Barack or Obama? The conflict. His and ours.

"New America"

This story was sent to you --

---- In study, evidence of liberal-bias bias ----

Cable talking heads accuse broadcast networks of liberal bias -- but a think tank finds that ABC, NBC and CBS were tougher on Barack Obama than on John McCain in recent weeks.

By James Rainey | Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
July 27 2008

Haters of the mainstream media reheated a bit of conventional wisdom last week.

The complete article can be viewed at: story

Visit latimes.com at http://www.latimes.com

... my comment from digg.com:

Obama doesn't need media as others before him. "They" know it; they know that his popularity comes from the people, including his Internet financial support. THEY never were in this position, considering themselves as forth power (main power, of course) -- and "they" should wake up that (new) "Other America" doesn't watch or listen to celebrity, who have very little qualifications to be called "journalists".

There is a moment of revelation coming for (TV) Box-Rulers, as much as for the parties (king-makers) -- Hello, Hillary.

The change is not ahead of us, but behind. The fact that Obama is still running is the indication of that change which took place in USA.
Majority? We'll see it in Nov.

They would try to make him into a celebrity (American Idol), he is smart to fall into this trap (of depending on them) and therefore was labeled "arrogant",,, His (and ours) fight with old America is a fight with the media establishment, who took right to represent us long ago.

Change (institutional) has many forms (and faces) and it's not Obama alone, but people are making them. Watch the coverage of conventions -- media will be fighting for their survival and continue forced "packaging" with mindless one-lines and old known tricks. Obama's idea to do it at the sport area is not desire to be "original" but to get rid of (traditional) framing when the old guards will control the images. Enough, stop listening to myths about "liberals" in media -- the changes (including technology) taking power away from them; THEM, who are the part of establishment for decades!

Writing it make me realize that I need a page "Obama" on my "Personal Politics" pages [ filmplus.org/politics/2008.html ]


[ Warning: The Content in this Article May be InaccurateReaders have reported that this story contains information that may not be accurate. ] diig.com -- how do you like it?

I have no system to work on questions I have about Obama:

Ouside of USA
By anatolant - Aug 15th, 2008 at 4:58 am EDT
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A couple links for foreign POV on Obama :

Russians for Obama

How to read the world's preferences for next US president (Obama)?

Symbolic powers -- Is America popular as it was in XX century? "American Century" -- and what is for Century 21? Is it over?

The impact on America and Americans : Vietman War was the turning point...

Does America knows its enimies? No friendship in politics?

Quote for myself :

I somehow doubt that a superpower, however defined (even as a democratic or liberal superpower) can ever practice a "libertarian" foreign policy.

Neither the populist nor the elite version of such a system seems to lend itself to limited government.

However, it can perhaps be made, with a protracted struggle, to uphold the anti-totalitarian and above all secular values for which it claims to be contending.

These are not easy times to be a libertarian, whether civil or social. But the easy time for that will never arrive.

It's supposed to be difficult.

Christopher Hitchens is a columnist for Vanity Fair. His latest book is A Long Short War: The Postponed Liberation of Iraq (Plume).


"Superpower"? Or maybe just the INERTIA, the track USA should change?

Is America became a superpower by default? Is (indirect) predesposition for it in the US Contitution?

"It's supposed to be difficult (to be an American)"? In the 3rd millennium (globalism) it's for sure.

Many corners of this "one world" live in different centuries, some in 1st millennium?

[collect] LINKS from www.theworldwantsobama.org

.... and my other notes which are here and there [records?]

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