* ID Crisis (07) or Fault Identity

How could I get my identity back from somebody who is died as me?

-- In court.

But he is dead.

-- You have to argue that he is not you.


Who am I now?

-- Well, it depends.

You know, I do not care. I was tired of myself anyway.


Do you love me?

- Don't be silly!

It's hurting me, the thought...

- It's just a number. One little number.


- You can choose any name your want...

I want my name, not any name! The name I were living my entire life!

- You can have it, when you die.


- When you die, you will have your name back.

This is stupid.

May be, but it's a law.

- You are not serious.

Sir, you cannot talk to me this way.

- I am sorry. but do you understand it? Do you understand this law?

I do not think about it. I do not understand many thing, but I use my cell anyhow. don't I? Why do I have to understand everything?


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