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My Life and Ethiopia's Progress
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"Every laborer is a father, his labor is his child." H.I.M.

"He who would be a leader must pay the price in self-discipline and moral restraints."


"The migration of the well-versed and faithful followers of Christ from countries of the Middle East into Ethiopia occured at that critical period when doctrinal schism was prevalent within the Ecumenical Church. Because these pious men were divinely called to make their refugee in Ethiopia with their theological knowledge of the primative and pure apostlic teachings, their advent into Ethiopia was a blessing for Ethiopians and a milestone in the Consolidation of Ethiopianism." -- Ermias Kebede Wolde-Yesus, Nibure Id, "Ethiopia: The Classic Case: A Biblical Nation under God"

Ethiopian & Rastafari
by Aster Sellassie, Millennium Ed.
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H.I.M. Haile Selassie I: "From truth alone is born liberty, and only an educated people can consider itself as really free and a master of its fate. It is only with an educated people that representative and democratic organs of government can exercise their influence for national progress."
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All my directories do have PS pages, to keep the sense of ending. This one expecially needs the end-page; I not working on Sellassie pages anymore... The web burnt me out. I didn't know that building and maintaining the sites would so time-consuming. I need to write. I am getting old and must finish my books...

12.12.2003. Anatoly

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The Autobiography of Emperor Haile Sellassie I: King of Kings of All Ethiopia and Lord of All Lords

Frontline Books (October 1, 1999) 0948390328

An Amharic Chrestomathy by Edward Ullendorff Routledge/Curzon; 2nd Ed edition (March 1, 2002) 0728600587

Marxist Modern: An Ethnographic History of the Ethiopian Revolution

University of California Press (June 1, 1999) 0520213297

Moving between the capital, Addis Ababa, and Maale, the home of a small ethnic group in the south, Donham constructs a narrative of upheaval and change, presenting local peoples understandings of events, as these echoed with and appropriated stories of other world revolutions. With the help of poststructuralist insights and theories of narrative, Donham locates a recurrent dialectic between modernist Marxism, local Maale traditionalisms, and antimodernist, evangelical Christianity. One of the most consequential outcomes of this interaction--until the late 1980s--was the creation of a more powerful state, one that penetrated peasant communities ever more deeply and pervasively.

Layers of Time : A History of Ethiopia by Paul B. Henze

Palgrave Macmillan (November 18, 2000) 0312227191

A comprehensive history of Ethiopia, from a diplomat and former staffer at the National Security Council, that is particularly instructive in covering the last 20 years.Beginning with a brief prehistoric overview, Henze goes on to describe the rise of Ethiopia: an ancient civilization, the source of coffee, and one of the most developed and long-lasting empires in Africa. The Aksumite Empire that evolved on the lush Ethiopian highlands was known to the Greeks and the Romans, and its legendary Queen Sheba traveled to Israel to meet with King Solomon (a meeting that produced the first king of the Solomonic dynasty that ended only with the death of Emperor Haile Selassie in 1974). A Persian prophet writing in the third century A.D.described Ethiopia as one of the great kingdoms of the age, and later scholars believed it to be the mysterious Christian empire ruled by Prester John. Henze details the turbulent years that followed the decline of Aksum, the devout adherence to Orthodox Christianity, the failed efforts of Portuguese adventurers to gain a foothold, and the great battle of Adwa in 1898. There the Emperor Menelik (who had begun modernizing what was and still is in some areas a medieval country) decisively defeated an Italian army bent on securing Ethiopia as a colony. Henze offers a persuasive and nuanced portrait of Haile Selassie, who did much to move Ethiopia forward (particularly in the 1960s, which Henze regards as a golden era for Ethiopia). But by 1974 Selassie was old, the succession not clear, and, unable to deal with a fractious country, Selassie was forcibly removed by the brutal and bloodthirsty warlord Mengistu Haile Mariam. His rule led to Ethiopia becoming a war-torn pawn in the Cold War, subject to the worst excesses of Marxism--forced collectivization, untold deaths, and a devastated economy.Though it suffers at times from more information than insights, this is a timely study of a country still much in the news.

* As a Christian island in an Islamic sea, Ethiopia has maintained an allure for Westerners for centuries. With the ouster of the Communist Derg in 1991, Ethiopia is again accessible to scholars and tourists, so interest is likely to intensify. Henze is a seasoned diplomat who has served in Ethiopia and written extensively on this fascinating but still mysterious (to Westerners) land. Thus, this general survey of Ethiopian history should prove invaluable for those with an interest in the region. Henze traces Ethiopia's development from the richness of the Aksumite Empire to its interaction with and resistance to the Arab Empire in the Middle Ages. His examination of Ethiopia's "opening" to the West in the eighteenth century is particularly informative, and he offers rather interesting insights regarding Ethiopia's position during the cold war struggle for influence on the Horn of Africa. This is an easily digested and very useful introduction to an ancient land and people.
Jay Freeman
Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved

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