alexandra e.s. antohin




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Conferences and Public Presentations

12/2014      "The Sociality of Waiting: Staking Homes during the Ethiopian Land Crisis"
Presentation at the American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Washington D.C.

10/2014     "Transnational PhD education"
Invited Roundtable Discussant at German Research Foundation conference on "Creativity and Adaptation in Africa", Sally, Senegal

03/2014     "Shaping Civil Society through Models of Christian Fellowship: a Case Study of Ethiopian Orthodox Associations"
Seminar presentation at the Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies, Cambridge University

03/2014     "Adwa in Recent Memory"
Presentation for Ethiopian Community Association, London

11/2013      "Holy watering and the Aesthetics of Improvement in the Ethiopian Orthodox Repertoire"
Presentation at the American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Chicago

07/2013     "Reformatting church education in urban parishes of Ethiopia"
Presentation for the Religion and Youth workshop (Invited), University of Kent

04/2013      "Tabots Speaking: Replicas and the Transmaterial in Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity"
Panel at the BSA- Sociology of Religion Study Group, Annual Conference, Durham University

03/2013      "Community-lead Cultural Preservation in Nekemte"
Presentation for Exeter Link Ethiopia (NGO), Exeter, UK

09/2012      "The Season of the Cross: the commemorative ritual at Gishen Mariam (Northern Ethiopia)"
Presentation for the Ethnography of Eastern Christianities workshop (Invited) University College London

03/2009      "The Effects on Social Change on Religious Life in Magadan"
Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Alaska Anthropology Association, Juneau, Alaska

08/2009      "Moral Upbringing by the State: The "Orthodox Culture" concept in Russian Public Schools"
Presentation at the European Association of Social Anthropologists, Ljubljana, Slovenia

08/2008      "Religion in Subversive Spaces: The Emergence of Alternative Discourses in Magadan, Russia"
Presentation at the International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences VI, Nuuk, Greenland

04/2008      "Forward to the Past: The Future of Orthodox Identity in Russia"
Invited Panel on Religion and Age at the Annual Meeting of American Geographers, Boston

11/2007      "We wrote the Bible and gave it to you": Anecdotal Dialogues about Russian Orthodoxy"
Presentation at the American Anthropological Association, Washington D.C.