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I left my handwritten diaries to a chance; most likely it won't survive.

And this is normal.

What I do now (online) is not.

I have to have my notes as for publication, for reading by others, not just me.

It's not simply different, but the OPPOSITE of traditional diaries format.

I leave the question "why" and focus on "how" -- WHAT is it?

I do not know too many things, most important things -- and I have to leave to others; my self-reflections are limited [and I have to remember it].


I do not use much my blogs (they are for communications, and I am not), I should try notes in my calendars [ perhaps, the true matrix for diary ].

Is this (a)diary for notes [en] on diary.vtheatre.net?

... In some way this is what I do not know about myself; even more -- and "what I do not want to know about myself."

"Records" are opposite of "reflections"!

Maybe, the only place where I am not writing about myself -- NB.

Where I AM writing.

Not MY writing but ME-writing.


No beggining (1, 2, 3 and other "original" pages) -- and no end.


... What about preface and ps pages?

What about this (accidental) narrative?

Diary *
The flash web banner was another attempt to write a diary. There are some diary pages in WRITE directories... I probably should give up on the idea.
Oct. 2005. How silly of me! Did I really think of keep a diary online? How could I? Only because so many do? Shame.

Featured Pages: 2001

Yes, this is a "project" -- writing or digital record. I have no plan for it, only a hintch that something is there. Some form I do not know yet. Maybe it will take years before I see it, developed by the blind fate...

Yes, it's connected with my other writing. To take away the texts that do not belong to the books. And to help the books. To test what should be there.

Yes, this is an extra step from the email messages to letters....

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