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"Four weeks in August" [chapter, short story]

First Year of the New (Ethiopian) Millennium [Web Project "2008"]

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2008 has been designated as: International Year of Planet Earth... International Year of Languages...

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Project 2009

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"Test" on what they do not show, shoot, see [ in USA vs. Russia ]?

... the world became so visual, we do not see anything any longer.

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... Russian Diaries in America

"Double vision"? ["What I saw in Future Russian History" looking from Alaska"]

To point ALL 2008 pages at this one, here?

What does 2008 indicate in Father-Russia, or Post-America? 2007 and 2008 pages with notes on evolution of concepts. The big picture and one year facts. The Russian elections and the war in Georgia -- to point at the chapters in the Russian Book, and etc.

POV and TECH? New steps in Theology of Technology? The Internet and web, for instance.

Updates in the nonfiction directories? How?

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I do not write, I compose...

And those compositions are more and more for myself only.

... Enough, enough! Winter and Summer Fools must know their place!

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